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The PRIMERA apartments are built in wood according to the latest ecological findings and meet the KFW40 plus standard. They are DEKRA tested for this purpose.

In addition to the ecological advantages over a conventional construction method, the high wood content of the structure also enables the residents to experience qualities that are tangible for them: an immediately perceptible feel-good climate, a pleasant feeling of warmth and a high level of comfort.

The PRIMERA Apartments were planned and constructed under these aspects

Healthy climate

Natural materials tested for harmful substances

Allergy friendly construction

Intelligent ventilation on demand

Organic insulation


Building with wood is probably the most efficient way to avoid CO2 emissions. By building with wood, a much higher amount of CO2 can be avoided in the short term than in the consumer sectors, which are considered to be the major sources of CO2. Did you know that cement production still releases four times as much CO2 as global aviation combined?


Climate balance of the cement industry

WWF analysis on climate protection in the concrete and cement industry

86 tonnes CO₂ avoided

The great CO2 avoidance potential lies in building and not in heating. Above all, CO2 is avoided immediately when building with wood, but only over a long period of several decades when heating.

70% of the PRIMERA apartment house was built in timber construction, only the basement and the staircase had to be built in mineral construction for static reasons. As a result, not only a comfortable and healthy living climate was achieved with KFW40 plus Standard, but also an enormous amount of CO2 was saved right from the start. A rough calculation showed that the ecological construction method using primarily wood saved about 86 tons of CO2!

In addition, a wooden house stores further CO2: Not only trees but also installed wood stores CO2 and thus removes large quantities of this greenhouse gas from our atmosphere: 1 cubic meter of installed wood stores 1 ton of CO2.

Source: ZimmerMeisterHaus.